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Employers & Partners

Santa Fe Harley Davidson - At Santa Fe Harley Davidson, our core value is to provide life enhancing experiences to our customers with a focus on internal organizational health. We look for team members who are Humble, Hungry and Smart. 

Humble = humility, more concerned with the success of the team than getting individual credit. 

Hungry = the desire to work hard and do whatever is necessary to help the team succeed, they are self motivated and diligent. 

Smart = not about being intelligent or book smart, but rather about being wise in how to deal with people. Smart employees understand the nuances of team dynamics, and know how their words and actions impact others. Their good judgment and intuition help them deal with others in the most effective way. 


These soft skills are explained in Patrick Lencioni's book Ideal Team Player, which all new hires are required to read. 

For a hard skill, knowing how to type is helpful in this digital age! I have to admit, when a person is finger pecking, makes me think they are not motivated to keep up with the times.

TRD and DMV - Kimberly Hamerdinger - I think the MOST valuable soft skill in the world is the ability to learn new things. I frankly don't care so much about someone having a degree, I want to know what they can DO (possibly self-taught) and what they are capable of learning. Are they curious?

Video-based micro learning content (~70 posts) that covers a lot of soft skills, especially customer service, empathy, basic politeness, getting along with others, etc. It's hosted on the Learning Management System at TRD.
To explore further, contact us to see about getting a a user account and enrolling in the course or review resource books with lists of video clips from films that teach soft skills.

  • Writing and communication skills

  • Media production skills -
    web, blogs, online learning, digital images, video, podcasts

  • Explanation skills, ability to look at a process and enable others to master it through solid explanation

  • Problem-solving

  • Customer service

  • MS Office Suite

  • Any experience with online publication - web, blogs, social media

  • Detail oriented

  • Collaborative skills for working with Subject Matter Experts

Currents New Media - 

"Self sufficiency, punctuality, adaptability, flexibility with scheduling, good communication (checks and responds to email phone messages etc) fun and creative (we want someone who is capable of taking on the responsibility to creating content for our social media, so be fun and adaptable!) Un-intimidated by new situations, friendly."

  • Social Media experienced (facebook, twitter, Instagram)

  • Lite photographic or video experience (help us create content for our Instagram?)

  • Flexible Schedule ( be able to work from home if needed, and bill for hours that are not directly spent with us)

  • Writing proficiency (create content for social media/website to promote specific events)

  • Familiar with online collaboration (google drive and associated programs)

  • Customer Service - looking for someone to help staff the exhibition. Duties include - greeting guests, assisting visitors with specific installations, opening and closing exhibition space

  • Interest in or experience with A/V equipment (projectors speakers etc.)

Intern could help with research and distribution of the Community Health Needs Assessment through the Department of Community Health.


Intern could assist with Keshi website and online marketing for Zuni artisans.


Intern to assist with Opportunity Santa Fe events and promotions including Working group activities and social media. http://opportunitysantafe.org

About CURRENTS New Media: we are a non-profit arts and education organization that produce an annual art festival. We bring artists from all over the world to showcase art at the cutting edge of technology. Each June we bring on a staff of professionals, interns, students, and volunteers to help us put together our event. We are looking for someone to join us team who wants to work collaboratively during June, but is also capable of working independently, and generating content for our social media platforms. This internship will provide an opportunity for students to get familiar with online marketing platforms as well as with face to face customer interaction working in our exhibition as a docent. This will be an insightful experience into the non-profit arts sector, a fun and busy environment, and a directed but self driven foray into the world of digital promotion and marketing.

CineFesta Italia - We are a non profit Italian film festival that raises awareness of Italian culture through an annual Italian Film Festival, delighting moviegoers with contemporary and emerging Italian cinema.  Our proceeds help our charitable partners support Santa Fe’s neediest children in today’s challenging world. The festival is held mostly in Santa Fe, but winning films go on to a screening in Los Angeles. We are looking for one or two interns to join our team to work with us during March and April. We need people who are able to work independently because a large part of the prep work leading up to the festival April 20-22 is done in a collaborative online environment. We need partners to help us with our marketing efforts, especially in the digital and social media areas and also to help with events planning and execution before and during the festival. We offer useful experience in general employments skills as well as very specific skill sets like social media marketing and event planning.

Community Learning Network (CLN) - CLN is a local non-profit dedicated to "building stronger communities through real-life learning." www.communtylearningnetwork.org

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