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2020 Course Outline

ProTec: Professional Readiness and Technical Experiences for Careers

Sponsored by Santa Fe County and Santa Fe Community College

Week One:
Mon - Introductions, Rerouting
          Goals and Opportunities

Tues - MicroSoft -
            Working with WORD

                  (scope of work, contract, invoice, flyer, editing)

                   Facilitator: Betsy Walker
                   Location: Computer Lab

Wed - MicroSoft -
            Working with Power Point

                   Facilitator: Betsy Walker
                   Location: Computer Lab

      Resume Writing
      Facilitator: Thaddeus Lech
     Head Shots
     Customer Service 

        Facilitator: Paloma

        Location: Classroom

Week Two:
Mon - MicroSoft - Working with EXCEL

                   Part 1

                   Facilitator: Betsy Walker
                    Location: Computer Lab

Tues - MicroSoft - Working with EXCEL

                   Part 2
                    Facilitator: Betsy Walker
                    Location: Computer Lab

Wed - LinkedIn
            Office Software Basics
            Microsoft, Apple, Google

                  Facilitator: Jennifer Nevarez, NM TechWorks
                  Location: Computer Lab

              Social Media Marketing
             Basics, Facebook Pages/Ads, Instagram

                   Facilitator: Jennifer Nevarez, NM TechWorks                                                    Location: Computer Lab

Week Three - Wednesday:
Badging and Internship Preparation
April through June 30 - 
up to 100 Hours of Paid Internship:
At a select and approved location
Independent Research - Community events:
Attend 1 or more community event to meet people and expand opportunities and resources. Participants will complete an event report or professional interview as well as a blog entry or social media post.
Participant Outcomes:
  • Work Keys
  • Updated Resume
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Personal Website
  • Weebly Website Account
  • MailChimp Account
  • Sample Word Doc or flyer, Excel Doc, Power Point
  • Sample Google Form and/or google email
  • Facebook Account and Page
  • Instagram Account
  • MicroCredentials -
                   ProTec Badge
                      Business Software Basics Badge
                      Customer Service Badge
  • Business Cards
  • Up to 100 hours of Internship
  • 3 community event reports/interviews/posts
  • and...


1. Submit Application
2. Complete Interview
3. Complete Online Assessment:  Work-Keys
4. Submit completed FERPA and W9 forms
5. Join ProTec Facebook Page 
  • Black Instagram Icon
  • Black Pinterest Icon
  • Black Facebook Icon
  • Black Twitter Icon