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In partnership with Santa Fe County and the Northern Area Local Workforce Development Board, Santa Fe Community College has designed an intensive 30-hour program to introduce participants to the areas of social media marketing, film technician training and post-production non-linear editing and the career and education pathways available. This program is NOT designed to fulfill any degree requirements nor can it be used towards any union mentorship. The program is specifically designed to provide an accelerated pathway for residents of Santa Fe County to “jumpstart” their career pathways in media, film and television. PROTEC-FILM is uniquely designed around a historical documentary that showcases the contribution of Hispanic families during the United States Civil War in 1862 at the Battle of Glorieta a significant part northern New Mexico history.

At the completion of the classroom hours each participant will be able to self-design their 70 job site hours. Each participant will work with Monique Anair to design an Individual Education/Employment Plan (IEP) that fits their interests and skill sets. PROTEC cannot guarantee you will be employed at the end of our six-month relationship but we do guarantee you will have a better idea of what you need to enter the field you wish to work in and have an increased network of film, media and education professionals in which to rely on. PROTEC is designed to support each individual to help them find their success. Having a PROTEC network is the “jumpstart” into your career.



Monique Anair, PROTEC Coordinator, Monique holds a B.S. degree in mass communications and film from Emerson College and an M.A. degree in educational leadership from the University of New Mexico. Monique helped create the Santa Fe Community College Film Technician Training Program in 2005 and has been an assistant professor since 2008. Monique is a member of the University Film and Video Association and New Mexico Film Resource. She has served on multiple state and national committees addressing women in technology-based careers. Monique’s pedagogical practice is embedded in the theories of Emilia Reggio and Turning Points, which focuses on democratic learning to create classrooms that help people and communities empower themselves to greater potential. Monique currently teaches cinematography, Women Make Media and environmental communications.

Kendra Arnold, Social Media Lead Instructor, Kendra Arnold is owner of KLA Concepts. She is the primary contact and lead account executive at KLA Concepts. She has been a top graphic designer in Santa Fe for almost a decade. She worked as Marketing Assistant at the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum and then as Marketing and Development Director for Body of Santa Fe. She leads creative and effective branding campaigns with award-winning logos, advertisements, business cards, letterhead, catalogs, brochures, posters and websites. She offers each client customized, beautiful and innovative solutions to develop their business. Kendra is a strong AP- style writer and crafts beautiful press releases for clients. In addition, Kendra has been a regular contributor for the Sun Monthly Magazine. She holds a Masters of Art from the University of New Mexico.



Milton Riess – Filmmaking Instructor, Milton is a professional filmmaker with over 30 years of experience working in Hollywood. A graduate of Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington Milton now leads the film technician training program at Santa Fe Community College. He has been a full-time faculty member with SFCC since 2013 and teaches film history, film production and cinematography and manages all department internships.

Jonathan Mugford – Filmmaking Instructor, Jonathan teaches at the Santa Fe Community College, the Institute for American Indian Art and the Santa Fe Indian School. He works in New Mexico as a freelancer specializing in post-production, motion graphics and animation. Jonathan holds a BA from Northern Arizona University.

Patrick Reid – Filmmaking Instructor, Patrick currently supervises all film equipment for Santa Fe Community College. He carries an AAS in film production and works independently as a gaffer and chief lighting technician in New Mexico. Patrick teaches in the Film Crew and Cinematography programs at SFCC.

Ashley Martinez, Filmmaking Instructor/EPK director, Ashley is a graduate from SFCC in both film and media arts. Currently Ashley freelances as an editor in New Mexico and recently has been awarded a grant from the SFCC Foundation for social media marketing and media development for the 2016-17 academic year.

Tobi Ives, Film and Television incentive consultant, Tobi served as the Senior Manager of Production at the New Mexico Film Office from 2005-2015. She received her BA from the University of Indiana-Bloomington. She is a small business owner and operates as a film and television incentive consultant through Minnow Man Media in Santa Fe. Tobi freelances as a unit production manager and producer on independent and union productions. She has been a member of the Association of Film Commissioners International for 12 years.

Diana de Aguinaga Pettersson, Filmmaking Instructor, Diana currently is the operations director for Clairmont Camera at Albuquerque Studios. Diana has a MFA from University of Gothenburg in Sweden and studied film in USA. As an artist she has had exhibitions in different parts of the world. Diana works as a freelance director of photography on independent films in New Mexico.

Stephanie West, Social Media & Marketing Assistant Teacher, Stephanie is currently the owner of GoWest Design. She has been in the marketing and web development industry for over 20 years.

Anita Castillo, Social Media & Marketing Assistant Teacher, Anita has been Kendra Arnold’s assistant at KLA Concepts for the last two years. She is also a photographer, growing her business in Santa Fe.

Zachary Chacon, Film Technician – currently enrolled at SFCC Zac works as a grip/electric technician and plans to graduate in 2018.

Joss Mulligan, Film Technician – currently enrolled at SFCC Joss serves as the editing tutor for the film program and will graduate with his AA and AAS degrees in May 2017.

Asher Strauch, Film Technician – currently enrolled at SFCC Asher works primarily as a camera assistant. He is planning to graduate in 2017.

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